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Visual Merchandising Tips for Pop-Up Shops

Whether you are opening for a day, a week, or a month, pop-up shops are all the rage right now. These temporary stores may work a little like normal shops, but, of course, they have plenty of differences – but all of them still need the visual merchandising of an expert window dresser! To help you make the most of your space, our window dressing consultant team has put together the tips you need.

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Instagram Friendly

Making your store social-media friendly is a great way to spread the word of both the shop and your brand, so it’s a vital part of your marketing! This largely comes down to making yours look aesthetically pleasing, but you can also add areas that will entice Instagram lovers to get snapping and sharing. Here are some tips for yours:

  • Create a photo-ready wall with a mural or neon sign, making sure there’s space beneath for posers to stand next to it for a great Instagram picture. Add your brand name or Instagram tag in a smaller font for bonus marketing points.
  • Colour coordination is key for creating a photo-friendly store.
  • Have catchy phrases displayed around the store, on chalkboards, lightboxes, or tile boards. Instagrammers can never resist snapping a great quote!

Make the Most of Your Space

As pop-up shops are generally smaller, working with space you have is a must. First of all, be sure to make the most of your wall space, working from the floor up to display your products on the entire length of the wall. Be clever with your storage, too, using thinner shelving units and minimalistic, metal clothing rails to take up less space. If you’re worried about over-cluttering the store, keep only one or two samples of each product out with the rest of the stock out at the back.

Show Off Your Brand

A huge part of pop-up shops is simply getting your brand out there to a new audience, so branding your store is essential. From having branded products center-stage, such as logo t-shirts, to having a large logo of your brand somewhere on display, it’s essential that you get yourself out there! Posters can also be great to advertise who you are, what you stand for, and where else customers can find you.

Bring in the Professionals

If you really want to make the most of your pop up shop, your best bet is to bring in the help of a professional window dresser team. At VM design, we can create displays that show off who you are, make the most of small spaces, and leave a lasting impression from a temporary shop. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today!

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The Ultimate Guide to Autumn Visual Merchandising

The leaves have changed colour and hot chocolate is now everyone’s favourite drink – autumn is officially here! This colder, cosy season is a big change from summer, and with that your visual merchandising should be changing too. Ditch the beach vibes and sunshine for something a little more snug with tips straight from our visual merchandising consultant.

Where to Find Inspiration?

Generating ideas for new displays in your shop is one of the hardest parts of visual merchandising – especially when you have to change it up so often! This is why every visual merchandiser has a whole heap of places to look for inspiration, taking small ideas from here and there to create a display that’s entirely unique.

To start with, you should definitely be checking out the windows of shops around you and people in the same industry. You want yours to stand out, so do something different and try to avoid using the same colour palette as the surrounding shops. At the same time, these businesses will probably have some great ideas you can use in yours, or an aspect that might inspire you!

You can also check out sites like Pinterest, pick up some visual merchandising books and magazines, or search for autumnal images online to kick things off.

When to switch your display

You don’t want to switch your visual merchandising from summer to autumn too early, but leave it too late and you’ll be left behind. This is why finding that sweet spot between the two is essential. As a rule of thumb, as the kids start going back to school in early September, you should be starting to prep your autumn display. By the end of the month and beginning of October, it should be up and running! You can also start to transition your displays as your autumnal products start arriving in-store, but you don’t have to go all-in at once.

Halloween Themes

Of course, Halloween falls right in the middle of autumn, so should you change up your whole display for a more spooky feel? You don’t have to! Instead, just add a few Halloween touches here and there. You could add spiders and cobwebs into your window display, and pumpkins popping up around your shop. It isn’t hard to make your autumn display a little bit more spooky, and it’s not always worth changing up the whole thing for this short period.

When it comes to your shop, making sure your visual merchandising is up to scratch is essential to your success. Every season, you should be looking to reflect how people feel and capture the vibe of the months ahead – whilst showcasing your products, of course! If you need help with your store displays, why not get in touch with a visual merchandising consultant at VM Design? We’re always ready to help shake up your designs and bring a new lease of life to your business.

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