Best Christmas Window Display Ideas

It’s that time of year again! The months are slipping past and Christmas is fast approaching, so of course our minds are turning to retail window displays. The festive season is one of the best for business, and creating an enticing window display is a great way to take advantage of the increased footfall and help your profits to soar.

If you need help creating a Christmas display for your shop, check out these tips from our window dressing specialists at VM Design.

Snowy Display

Snow is synonymous with Christmas, and a great way to create a festive, wintery feel as a backdrop for your product display. A simple and cost-effective way to create a minimal snow display that still packs a punch is to hang lines of invisible string from the ceiling to the floor and attach cotton balls – or whatever material you’d like that looks something like snow!

Winter Carnival

For a display that’s certain to catch the eyes of those passing by, create a winter carnival in your window. With mannequins dressed in carnival outfits, a blanket of glittery fake snow on the floor, and plenty of warm-toned lights, it’ll certainly make an impact. Show off your products as prizes on a carnival store or as props for a show.

A Carpet of Baubles

Bring about a Christmas party feel with a carpet of baubles, covering your floor completely for the ultimate effect. You can choose the colours to match either your window display theme or your business. From all white and glittery to a selection of bold neon colours, this display is super simple to customise and very easy to do.

Miniature Town

If you’re looking for retail window display ideas that will definitely make potential customers stop at your shop, put together a miniature Christmas town. Use tiny houses with rooftops covered in fake snow, and small dolls shopping and bringing home Christmas trees. Light up your display to draw the eyes of those walking by with strings of fairy lights going from house to house, or add a model train that moves around your display.

Christmas retail window displays are a chance to get really creative, so let your imagination take over! It’s an essential time of the year to draw in customers, so now more than ever it’s important you get it right. If you think you might need some assistance creating a Christmas window this year that helps boost your business and attract the right customers, get in touch with our window dressing specialist at VM Design. When it comes to in-store merchandising, we know what we’re doing!