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Easter Window Dressing Ideas

With Christmas far behind and Easter quickly approaching, it’s time for another window change! For businesses, Easter should also signal the start of Spring visual merchandising, calling for lighter decor with a more ‘outdoorsy’ feel, hinting at the summer weather to come. If you need a little inspiration to get your Easter display up and running, our window dressing consultants have put together a few great ideas for you to check out.

Artificial Grass

Upgrade any window display quickly and easily with artificial grass. This simple touch will add a definite springtime feel to your shop and can make your other decor stand out without costing your whole budget. Make sure you pick artificial grass that’s bright green and looks fresh to attract the most attention. Once it’s laid in your window, you can start adding other props into it, such as colourful eggs hidden in the grass and your own stock for a bright, engaging display. Just remember to add props higher up too – a good display should use all the space, particularly the areas where the eye naturally focuses.

Pastel Colours

Choosing a colour theme for your window display is always important. By sticking to the same colour palette, you can prevent your display from becoming over the top and make sure it’s appealing to the eye, which is very important in visual merchandising! This Easter, stick to pastel colours to make sure your theme is clear. Incorporate pastel items from your own stock to seamlessly market what’s for sale in your shop.

Rabbit’s Garden

For a lovely Easter display that’s bound to get the attention of passers-by, why not create a rabbit’s garden? Lay artificial grass and fill your display with flowers, potted plants, and plenty of carrots. Of course, you can’t forget the rabbits, so add props of the little creatures for the finishing touch! We love the idea of carved wooden rabbits for an eco-friendly, sustainable option that you can use year after year.

Giant Eggs

Everything’s more eye-catching when it’s bigger, so fill your display with giant Easter eggs to make sure you get everyone’s attention. The design of the eggs can be changed to suit your shop, for example, a high-end, luxury shop may use gold foil eggs, whilst a kids shop will have funky patterns in bright colours. You can even have some eggs cracking open to reveal treats or your own products inside!

If you’re struggling to create window displays that draw in customers and boost your business, it could be time to get in touch with visual merchandising companies like VM Design. We can help you create displays that appeal to your audience and show the world who you are.

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Mother’s Day window dressing ideas

Mother’s Day isn’t just the perfect time to show our mums how much they mean to us, it’s also a great opportunity to change up your window display! Show your brand’s family-side and encourage shoppers to pick up a little something for their mum with these great ideas.

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!

Around Mother’s Day, it’s not uncommon to see flowers and hearts in every window – but you don’t want common, you want different. This year, switch up the usual props for a whole cascade of balloons, catching the attention of passers simply by being a little different! Fill your window floor with tons of them for a statement, or use a fan to keep them constantly bouncing around for a unique display. Our visual merchandising services team recommend using eco-friendly balloons that are biodegradable for extra branding points – just make sure to add a little notice in the window explaining your choice.

Mother and Children Polaroids

For an interactive display, ask customers to use an in-store photo booth or polaroid camera to take pictures with their mum in the weeks running up to Mother’s Day or nearer the time depending on how many customers you get. Add string to your window and use small pegs to pin up the photos for a cheap, easy display! Customers will love the ‘get involved’ aspect of your display, and you can add a heart-warming slogan to your window along with an explanation of the idea to get more people coming in.

A Message for Mums

Another interactive window, this message for mums’ concept can involve social media or just be in-store. Encourage customers to give a shout out to their mum with a reason for why they think they deserve a special Mother’s Day, and you can pick one to put in your window every day or so. Write the message on a large chalkboard and fill the rest of your display with other props, such as the balloons we mentioned earlier. Again, customers will love getting involved and it’s a great way to attract attention to your store with the ever-changing shout out.

In the run up to Mother’s Day, visual merchandising companies will be putting the ideas they’ve been working on for months into action, drawing in new customers and boosting business profits. Think you might need a little help? Get in touch with VM Design today! Our experts can help you, providing visual merchandising services to make sure your window always stands out.

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Visual Merchandising Tips for Pop-Up Shops

Whether you are opening for a day, a week, or a month, pop-up shops are all the rage right now. These temporary stores may work a little like normal shops, but, of course, they have plenty of differences – but all of them still need the visual merchandising of an expert window dresser! To help you make the most of your space, our window dressing consultant team has put together the tips you need.

window dresser

Instagram Friendly

Making your store social-media friendly is a great way to spread the word of both the shop and your brand, so it’s a vital part of your marketing! This largely comes down to making yours look aesthetically pleasing, but you can also add areas that will entice Instagram lovers to get snapping and sharing. Here are some tips for yours:

  • Create a photo-ready wall with a mural or neon sign, making sure there’s space beneath for posers to stand next to it for a great Instagram picture. Add your brand name or Instagram tag in a smaller font for bonus marketing points.
  • Colour coordination is key for creating a photo-friendly store.
  • Have catchy phrases displayed around the store, on chalkboards, lightboxes, or tile boards. Instagrammers can never resist snapping a great quote!

Make the Most of Your Space

As pop-up shops are generally smaller, working with space you have is a must. First of all, be sure to make the most of your wall space, working from the floor up to display your products on the entire length of the wall. Be clever with your storage, too, using thinner shelving units and minimalistic, metal clothing rails to take up less space. If you’re worried about over-cluttering the store, keep only one or two samples of each product out with the rest of the stock out at the back.

Show Off Your Brand

A huge part of pop-up shops is simply getting your brand out there to a new audience, so branding your store is essential. From having branded products center-stage, such as logo t-shirts, to having a large logo of your brand somewhere on display, it’s essential that you get yourself out there! Posters can also be great to advertise who you are, what you stand for, and where else customers can find you.

Bring in the Professionals

If you really want to make the most of your pop up shop, your best bet is to bring in the help of a professional window dresser team. At VM design, we can create displays that show off who you are, make the most of small spaces, and leave a lasting impression from a temporary shop. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today!

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The Ultimate Guide to Autumn Visual Merchandising

The leaves have changed colour and hot chocolate is now everyone’s favourite drink – autumn is officially here! This colder, cosy season is a big change from summer, and with that your visual merchandising should be changing too. Ditch the beach vibes and sunshine for something a little more snug with tips straight from our visual merchandising consultant.

Where to Find Inspiration?

Generating ideas for new displays in your shop is one of the hardest parts of visual merchandising – especially when you have to change it up so often! This is why every visual merchandiser has a whole heap of places to look for inspiration, taking small ideas from here and there to create a display that’s entirely unique.

To start with, you should definitely be checking out the windows of shops around you and people in the same industry. You want yours to stand out, so do something different and try to avoid using the same colour palette as the surrounding shops. At the same time, these businesses will probably have some great ideas you can use in yours, or an aspect that might inspire you!

You can also check out sites like Pinterest, pick up some visual merchandising books and magazines, or search for autumnal images online to kick things off.

When to switch your display

You don’t want to switch your visual merchandising from summer to autumn too early, but leave it too late and you’ll be left behind. This is why finding that sweet spot between the two is essential. As a rule of thumb, as the kids start going back to school in early September, you should be starting to prep your autumn display. By the end of the month and beginning of October, it should be up and running! You can also start to transition your displays as your autumnal products start arriving in-store, but you don’t have to go all-in at once.

Halloween Themes

Of course, Halloween falls right in the middle of autumn, so should you change up your whole display for a more spooky feel? You don’t have to! Instead, just add a few Halloween touches here and there. You could add spiders and cobwebs into your window display, and pumpkins popping up around your shop. It isn’t hard to make your autumn display a little bit more spooky, and it’s not always worth changing up the whole thing for this short period.

When it comes to your shop, making sure your visual merchandising is up to scratch is essential to your success. Every season, you should be looking to reflect how people feel and capture the vibe of the months ahead – whilst showcasing your products, of course! If you need help with your store displays, why not get in touch with a visual merchandising consultant at VM Design? We’re always ready to help shake up your designs and bring a new lease of life to your business.

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Eco-Friendly Retail Display Ideas

Eco-Friendly Retail Display Ideas

In recent years, it seems as though everyone’s been talking about the environment – and for good reason too! From rising temperatures to melting ice caps, the effects of climate change and our ever-increasing use of resources are more obvious than ever. So, it makes sense that everyone should start doing their bit to help the planet, and retail stores are no exception. As a visual merchandising company with plenty of eco-friendly ideas, we’ve put together these tips for your store displays.

1) Switch Up Your Lighting 

An easy switch for both window displays and in-store are your light bulbs. Changing your bulbs from traditional incandescent to energy-saving LED can have big benefits both for the planet and for your electricity bill, making it a no-brainer! In fact, you could start cutting back your energy use by up to 80% from this tiny change, especially in stores who like to keep their window displays lit up overnight. 

2) Cut Down On Plastic

At every stage of its long lifecycle, plastic is contributing to climate change, and not in a small way. This is why it’s so important you think about how much you’re using in your store displays or work with visual merchandising companies who do. Cut down on plastic with these tips:

  • Use metal poster holder frames instead of plastic.
  • There are a number of companies that make visual merchandising products from sustainable materials; aim to use them.
  • Consider the packaging of your display items – if they’re delivered in a lot of plastic, you could reach out to the company to ask them to reconsider their choice, or find a more eco-friendly business to switch to.
  • Plan your windows to be plastic free, using different materials such as wooden shelving or paper banners to market your shop.
  • If you do need to use plastic objects, try to find recycled and recyclable alternatives.

3) Paper Window Displays

If you’re looking to get creative with a more eco-friendly display, paper is a great option! It’s very versatile, recyclable, and cheap, making it ideal for all shops. You can create whole displays using paper – from tissue paper hearts for a love-themed display to recycled newspaper papier mache for a more urban-chic feel. Get creative with paper and see what you can come up with!

4) In-Store Plants

Plants not only look great as unique decor, but they’re also brilliant for the planet. Not only will you be using something natural rather than man-made to add interest to your store layout, you’ll also be helping keep the air fresh and even cooling temperatures in the warmer weather, preventing the need for so much air conditioning. Plants are an air-pollution saviour, helping reduce CO2 in our atmosphere and reduce climate change, so why not add a few to your store?

If you want to start getting more creative with your shop displays, get in touch with VM Design today. We’re a visual merchandising consultancy that can help your business stand out from the crowd, whether that be through eco-friendly design or eye-catching windows – whatever you need, our team are here to help. 

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How to Be Successful with Visual Merchandising

Successful visual merchandising involves developing all areas of store presentations in order to promote the brand as well as the product range more effectively. This also means coming up with a wide range of product segmentation, attractive store layouts and the proper use of space, as well as merchandising principles and techniques.

Sometimes, visual merchandising will also include developing promotions during seasonal events in order to stimulate the customer’s shopping behavior as well.

Setting the Mood in Your Windows

Visual merchandising is also about setting the mood in the display windows of your store. The windows of your store are considered as your most valuable merchandise territory. Take advantage of them by using them to set the mood of the event or the sale that your store is currently having. The mood should also match with the attitude that you want your customers to have right after they buy from you – are they feeling excited, happy, etc?

Make Use of the Spotlight

Proper use of lighting is one of the key aspects of visual merchandising. Thus, using the spotlight to highlight your window display is a good idea. Coming up with dramatic lighting does not need to be expensive. Just purchase those spotlights at a hardware store and place them on the most appropriate places in your display window. Remember that your goal is to draw attention to the most important pieces of merchandise.

Keeping up with the Trends

The trends in visual merchandising are also constantly fluctuating. This is also because the retail industry is always changing. The most difficult challenge that retailers have to face is to react to the evolving needs of the customers. The visual elements of a retail store are the key to attracting customers and keeping them to stay loyal to your brand. If you want to be successful in visual merchandising, then you must learn how to keep up with the latest trend in your industry.

If you are looking for a visual merchandiser to help you with your retail window display, please contact us at VM Design.

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Need ideas for your summer window displays?

The first challenge of the retail business is attracting customers into your store. National chains understand the incredible value of well-designed retail window displays, which is why they spend big money on window displays, and independent visual merchandising companies.  A carefully designed window display can draw customers into your shop in their masses. 

The display window for your shop reflects your store’s personality. In other words, it can be thought of as a billboard that is advertising your store. If you use the display window to its fullest potential, you can draw passers-by into your shop a lot more easily.

We have collated some inspiring summer display ideas for your retail shop window display:

Beach Theme

Undeniably, having a trip to the beach is an essential part of summer. While this theme is widely used by many national chains as well as independent stores, it is still a striking way to tell customers that summer has arrived with a quick glance.

A beach theme never fails to shout sky and sea, so make sure to have a refreshing blue background for your display. If it isn’t possible to use real sand for the floor of your display, you can always use a bright fabric to represent it. Some other beach essentials you may wish to consider as props are beach balls, propped-up surfboards, toys or cut-outs of sea creatures and folding chairs.

Summer Treats Theme

Who wouldn’t be enticed by a nice, cold glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade? This classic theme truly reflects the essence of summer. You may consider sprinkling lemons and flowers around your window display to make it more fun. Of course, the other summer classic is an ice cream-themed window display. If designed and implemented well, this inviting display is could also draw potential customers into your shop as well!

Garden Theme

The ideas of this theme are almost endless and it is only limited by your imagination. You may consider crafting a couple of larger-than-life flowers to frame your products.  You can, of course, decorate the display with fake grass. Alternatively, you can fill a cake tier with flowers to give it a real garden feel. Lastly, transforming some balloons into flower shapes may help you create a simple yet striking window display.

Remember 25% of sales can be directly attributed to your windows.  Now it’s your turn to get creative! While you’re pondering these ideas, think about the characteristics of your store and use window displays to convey your store’s personality. Entice potential customers by creating a dynamic, eye-catching display that gets them in the door.

If you need help with your retail window displays, please contact us at VM Design to discuss your requirements.

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Visual Merchandising for Better Customer Experience

Visual merchandising is all about blending a comprehensive look as well as the insight of the functionality. It focuses on the visual elements that can be adapted, re-arranged or re-designed to tempt the customers in store, and maximise sales. It is not the architecture or the interior store design. Some of the visual merchandising elements include layout, signage, lighting, props and window dressing. Visual merchandising strives to be expressive and capable of communicating to customers about the contemporary styles, fresh products, and discounted products.

Although brick-and-mortar shops are a stiff battle against the instant satisfaction of online shopping, they do still have various advantages. In today’s market, brands are beginning to see brick-and-mortar shops as venues and experiential spaces, as well as retail outlets in an effort to build more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers. Based on the understanding that consumers typically shop online, shops are becoming a key touch point for brand interaction as well.

Today shopping today is all about the experience. With the retail business booming, the importance of visual merchandising is being better appreciated by the companies. As a result, visual merchandising is becoming an integral part of retail business. This softer approach to retail is currently creating smarter, more functional shop design and portable, multi-use merchandising installations. 

At VM Design, we are one of the unique visual merchandising consultants to have many years of creating this experience for a wide variety of clients, from the nationwide retail chains to niche boutique shops. We ensure that the right ambience for shopping is created for consumers; anything from the store layout to window displays, lighting and more. We have in-depth understanding of the fashion marketing and what the customers are looking for.

Let us take care of your visual merchandising needs while you focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Contact us on 07495 839919 to discuss your needs and we can help you to maximise your sales and your customers’ shopping experience.

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Window Dressing for Easter

As a visual merchandising company, we love Easter! With such iconic themes to work with and a whole lot of opportunity to get creative, it’s basically our version of Christmas. If you want to step up your retail window dressing game this year, check out our fun and effective ideas that are sure to catch the eyes of passers-by.

Enter Wonderland

It’s easy to just stick a rabbit or two in your window display, but why not make things a little more special? We always love the chance to incorporate some fantasy into our retail displays, and when we think of Easter and rabbits, our minds go straight to Alice in Wonderland! Why not recreate the magic with a wonderland inspired window, making The White Rabbit the center of yours? You could incorporate your own products into the scenery, adding your own twist to the original look.

Egg Messages

This is a super simple display that’s really cheap to accomplish, and has the option of getting your audience involved, too, which always makes for an engaging display. The idea is simple; have a large number of eggs that completely line your window from top to bottom, and have messages and drawings on each. You can use polystyrene models that resemble boiled eggs, or make them bigger so that they look like chocolate Easter eggs.

You can add jokes, silly faces, motivational quotes, song lyrics, or whatever you want to the eggs! You can also let your customers leave their own messages on them, encouraging them to get involved and become a part of your display. Trust us, the sheer amount of eggs will make this a spectacle in itself!

Go for Gold

During the Easter season, most retail windows are going to be full of understated pastel tones, from baby blues to soft yellows. Whilst we can’t deny the appeal of a great pastel display, we also think it’s great to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, why not be bold this year and go the complete opposite? We’re talking about lavish, bold metallics – anything other than understated! Gold, in particular, is a favourite for us at Easter, and giant gold bunnies and eggs are reminiscent of the wrapping on the chocolate kind, making it tie in perfectly with the theme. If it’s an eye-catching display that you’re going for, go for gold!

Cracked Egg

When it comes to creating effective window displays, we love everything that’s giant. Supersizing your items has the same effect as a whole bunch of repeated miniature items – it creates a statement because it’s out of the ordinary. So, this Easter, why not bring a giant, cracked egg into your window? Make it the centre of attention, fallen on its side, and have your own products spilling from it out onto your window floor. It’s certainly a show-stopper!

If you think your retail window dressing could do with a bit of a shake-up, it’s time to bring in the professionals. At VM Design, we’re a visual merchandising company with plenty of experience using retail space to entice customers and push sales. If you have any questions about how we can help you or want to get the ball rolling on a new partnership, get in touch with our team today!

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Easter Window Dressing

Creating an enticing, interesting window display is one of the best ways to bring customers into your shop. We’re all told not judge a book by its cover, but it’s pretty hard not to, right? It’s exactly the same for your shop! Have a great window and people will want to come in, but have one that’s dull and uninspiring and you’ll easily blend into the background.

If you want to add a little creativity to your window display for this Spring and stand out from the crowd, check out our Easter retail window dressing ideas.

Neon Colours

When it comes to Easter, the safest bet is to stick with pastel tones. Pale pinks and baby blues are all the rage, but they’re not exactly original. So, if you really want to attract the attention of your customers, why not go the opposite and be bold with neon? From rabbits to Easter eggs, making yours neon will certainly pack a punch!

Go Big or Go Home

Another way to help the classic Easter clichés stand out from the crowd is to up the scale. We’re thinking giant rabbits, huge Easter eggs, or just a large amount of normal sized props – just make sure you take whatever you do to the extreme! It can be difficult to think of Easter themed objects that aren’t overused, so this is a great way to ensure you don’t blend in.

Picnic Props

Bring about some warmer weather longing with a picnic scene, using your own products to set the scene. From mannequins wearing your clothes to a basket brimming with your food, it’s a super simple way to show off your goods without making it too obvious and creating an interesting display! Add some fake grass and Spring flowers for that Easter feel – and perhaps a prop rabbit or two wouldn’t go amiss.

Egg Containers

Why not add a little marketing spin to the classic Easter egg with your retail window dressing this year and use them as props to show off your items? We love the idea of having rows of big eggs, with some of them cracked open at the middle and your shop’s products revealed inside. You could even create your own advent calendar of eggs that reveal new products in store, enticing customers to come and see what will be next!

It’s vital the window display for your shop is always brimming with creativity and originality – after all, what’s the point of a window if it doesn’t stand out? If you think you could use a little help with yours, get in touch with our team today and we’ll pair your business with a visual merchandising consultant who will suit you and your needs. The path to success really is that simple!

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