Easter Window Dressing Ideas

With Christmas far behind and Easter quickly approaching, it’s time for another window change! For businesses, Easter should also signal the start of Spring visual merchandising, calling for lighter decor with a more ‘outdoorsy’ feel, hinting at the summer weather to come. If you need a little inspiration to get your Easter display up and running, our window dressing consultants have put together a few great ideas for you to check out.

Artificial Grass

Upgrade any window display quickly and easily with artificial grass. This simple touch will add a definite springtime feel to your shop and can make your other decor stand out without costing your whole budget. Make sure you pick artificial grass that’s bright green and looks fresh to attract the most attention. Once it’s laid in your window, you can start adding other props into it, such as colourful eggs hidden in the grass and your own stock for a bright, engaging display. Just remember to add props higher up too – a good display should use all the space, particularly the areas where the eye naturally focuses.

Pastel Colours

Choosing a colour theme for your window display is always important. By sticking to the same colour palette, you can prevent your display from becoming over the top and make sure it’s appealing to the eye, which is very important in visual merchandising! This Easter, stick to pastel colours to make sure your theme is clear. Incorporate pastel items from your own stock to seamlessly market what’s for sale in your shop.

Rabbit’s Garden

For a lovely Easter display that’s bound to get the attention of passers-by, why not create a rabbit’s garden? Lay artificial grass and fill your display with flowers, potted plants, and plenty of carrots. Of course, you can’t forget the rabbits, so add props of the little creatures for the finishing touch! We love the idea of carved wooden rabbits for an eco-friendly, sustainable option that you can use year after year.

Giant Eggs

Everything’s more eye-catching when it’s bigger, so fill your display with giant Easter eggs to make sure you get everyone’s attention. The design of the eggs can be changed to suit your shop, for example, a high-end, luxury shop may use gold foil eggs, whilst a kids shop will have funky patterns in bright colours. You can even have some eggs cracking open to reveal treats or your own products inside!

If you’re struggling to create window displays that draw in customers and boost your business, it could be time to get in touch with visual merchandising companies like VM Design. We can help you create displays that appeal to your audience and show the world who you are.