Eco-Friendly Retail Display Ideas

Eco-Friendly Retail Display Ideas

In recent years, it seems as though everyone’s been talking about the environment – and for good reason too! From rising temperatures to melting ice caps, the effects of climate change and our ever-increasing use of resources are more obvious than ever. So, it makes sense that everyone should start doing their bit to help the planet, and retail stores are no exception. As a visual merchandising company with plenty of eco-friendly ideas, we’ve put together these tips for your store displays.

1) Switch Up Your Lighting 

An easy switch for both window displays and in-store are your light bulbs. Changing your bulbs from traditional incandescent to energy-saving LED can have big benefits both for the planet and for your electricity bill, making it a no-brainer! In fact, you could start cutting back your energy use by up to 80% from this tiny change, especially in stores who like to keep their window displays lit up overnight. 

2) Cut Down On Plastic

At every stage of its long lifecycle, plastic is contributing to climate change, and not in a small way. This is why it’s so important you think about how much you’re using in your store displays or work with visual merchandising companies who do. Cut down on plastic with these tips:

  • Use metal poster holder frames instead of plastic.
  • There are a number of companies that make visual merchandising products from sustainable materials; aim to use them.
  • Consider the packaging of your display items – if they’re delivered in a lot of plastic, you could reach out to the company to ask them to reconsider their choice, or find a more eco-friendly business to switch to.
  • Plan your windows to be plastic free, using different materials such as wooden shelving or paper banners to market your shop.
  • If you do need to use plastic objects, try to find recycled and recyclable alternatives.

3) Paper Window Displays

If you’re looking to get creative with a more eco-friendly display, paper is a great option! It’s very versatile, recyclable, and cheap, making it ideal for all shops. You can create whole displays using paper – from tissue paper hearts for a love-themed display to recycled newspaper papier mache for a more urban-chic feel. Get creative with paper and see what you can come up with!

4) In-Store Plants

Plants not only look great as unique decor, but they’re also brilliant for the planet. Not only will you be using something natural rather than man-made to add interest to your store layout, you’ll also be helping keep the air fresh and even cooling temperatures in the warmer weather, preventing the need for so much air conditioning. Plants are an air-pollution saviour, helping reduce CO2 in our atmosphere and reduce climate change, so why not add a few to your store?

If you want to start getting more creative with your shop displays, get in touch with VM Design today. We’re a visual merchandising consultancy that can help your business stand out from the crowd, whether that be through eco-friendly design or eye-catching windows – whatever you need, our team are here to help.