Need ideas for your summer window displays?

The first challenge of the retail business is attracting customers into your store. National chains understand the incredible value of well-designed retail window displays, which is why they spend big money on window displays, and independent visual merchandising companies.  A carefully designed window display can draw customers into your shop in their masses. 

The display window for your shop reflects your store’s personality. In other words, it can be thought of as a billboard that is advertising your store. If you use the display window to its fullest potential, you can draw passers-by into your shop a lot more easily.

We have collated some inspiring summer display ideas for your retail shop window display:

Beach Theme

Undeniably, having a trip to the beach is an essential part of summer. While this theme is widely used by many national chains as well as independent stores, it is still a striking way to tell customers that summer has arrived with a quick glance.

A beach theme never fails to shout sky and sea, so make sure to have a refreshing blue background for your display. If it isn’t possible to use real sand for the floor of your display, you can always use a bright fabric to represent it. Some other beach essentials you may wish to consider as props are beach balls, propped-up surfboards, toys or cut-outs of sea creatures and folding chairs.

Summer Treats Theme

Who wouldn’t be enticed by a nice, cold glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade? This classic theme truly reflects the essence of summer. You may consider sprinkling lemons and flowers around your window display to make it more fun. Of course, the other summer classic is an ice cream-themed window display. If designed and implemented well, this inviting display is could also draw potential customers into your shop as well!

Garden Theme

The ideas of this theme are almost endless and it is only limited by your imagination. You may consider crafting a couple of larger-than-life flowers to frame your products.  You can, of course, decorate the display with fake grass. Alternatively, you can fill a cake tier with flowers to give it a real garden feel. Lastly, transforming some balloons into flower shapes may help you create a simple yet striking window display.

Remember 25% of sales can be directly attributed to your windows.  Now it’s your turn to get creative! While you’re pondering these ideas, think about the characteristics of your store and use window displays to convey your store’s personality. Entice potential customers by creating a dynamic, eye-catching display that gets them in the door.

If you need help with your retail window displays, please contact us at VM Design to discuss your requirements.