Summer Window Dressing Ideas for Retail Shops

Summer’s almost here and that means it’s time to get planning your window! Retail windows are one of the most crucial parts of your shop; they’re the first impression of your brand for potential customers and, as well all know, first impressions count. To make yours stand out this summer, our visual merchandising consultants have put together a few imaginative ideas and tips to give you some inspiration.

Take Them Abroad

The thought of going abroad in the summer is enticing to most people. We all dream of a sunny summer holiday where we can relax and have fun, so why not use that to your shops advantage? Choose an exotic location, be it southern France or the beaches of Bali, and recreate it in your display using products from inside your shop. Not only will this capture the attention of passers-by, it’ll also create an emotional reaction in which they aspire to be living the life your window is showing, which will make them far more likely to come in store!

A Sea View

There’s nothing quite like the beach in summer, so why not bring it to your shop? Create a beach display using real sand, blow-up rubber rings and maybe even dress one of your mannequins as a life guard! This’ll create a quirky, bright display that’ll attract people’s attention.

Postcard Settings

Our team have conjured up two window dressing ideas for retail shops that involve postcards, and this kind of goes with our ‘abroad’ theme.

The first is to cover the glass window in a frame of either new or vintage (depending on your brands aesthetic) postcards that’ll frame the products you display. This is simple, yet unique and effective.

The second takes a bit more work but is guaranteed to be a showstopper! This idea involves turning your window into its own postcard. You can create a postcard setting using your own products, and then on the window paint or print a stamp and postage marks, as well as a slogan with something along the lines of ‘Greetings from [your store]!’. Fun and definitely different, this is bound to get a good reaction.

Bold and Colourful

In summer, it’s essential you go bold, bright and colourful in your display. Pick vibrant colours that pop – it’s a great excuse to throw in a few neon products or display props you’ve been dying to showcase! You can use balloons, paper, window paint and a whole lot more to inject a bit of bright colour into your display. This’ll definitely grab the attention of passing shoppers!

Go Big or Go Home

We’re all for making larger than life objects for window displays, and there’s no better time to do this than in summer. Whether it’s a giant ice-lolly, beach ball or pair of sunglasses, going big is a great way to make a noticeable statement. You could use it as a background prop or as a stand for your own products.

If you think your shop could do with some professional help from retail window dressing experts in the UK, VM Design are just the team for you! Get in touch with us to find out more and get the ball rolling on your better business.