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Mother’s Day window dressing ideas

Mother’s Day isn’t just the perfect time to show our mums how much they mean to us, it’s also a great opportunity to change up your window display! Show your brand’s family-side and encourage shoppers to pick up a little something for their mum with these great ideas.

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!

Around Mother’s Day, it’s not uncommon to see flowers and hearts in every window – but you don’t want common, you want different. This year, switch up the usual props for a whole cascade of balloons, catching the attention of passers simply by being a little different! Fill your window floor with tons of them for a statement, or use a fan to keep them constantly bouncing around for a unique display. Our visual merchandising services team recommend using eco-friendly balloons that are biodegradable for extra branding points – just make sure to add a little notice in the window explaining your choice.

Mother and Children Polaroids

For an interactive display, ask customers to use an in-store photo booth or polaroid camera to take pictures with their mum in the weeks running up to Mother’s Day or nearer the time depending on how many customers you get. Add string to your window and use small pegs to pin up the photos for a cheap, easy display! Customers will love the ‘get involved’ aspect of your display, and you can add a heart-warming slogan to your window along with an explanation of the idea to get more people coming in.

A Message for Mums

Another interactive window, this message for mums’ concept can involve social media or just be in-store. Encourage customers to give a shout out to their mum with a reason for why they think they deserve a special Mother’s Day, and you can pick one to put in your window every day or so. Write the message on a large chalkboard and fill the rest of your display with other props, such as the balloons we mentioned earlier. Again, customers will love getting involved and it’s a great way to attract attention to your store with the ever-changing shout out.

In the run up to Mother’s Day, visual merchandising companies will be putting the ideas they’ve been working on for months into action, drawing in new customers and boosting business profits. Think you might need a little help? Get in touch with VM Design today! Our experts can help you, providing visual merchandising services to make sure your window always stands out.

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Window Dressing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has always been a lucrative time for shop owners. With millions of mothers around the country everyone wants to buy gifts for his/her mother. It is therefore an opportunity for retailers to make the most of this period. However, it can also be a challenge to beat the competition as well. The good news is that you can stand out from the crowd by dressing your window display. In so doing you will be able to get the most out of this special day. Here are a few ideas for window dressing for Mother’s Day.

Dressing based on your product selection 

You plan to sell more items with your display, so determine what your target customers are and what you are selling. Display products from your store and set the right price. Make sure the product will appeal to your target audience. It is not always a good idea to display many products.

Add some humour 

People often like visual pranks or clever jokes, so be sure to add a little humour to your window dressing. This is usually used during special events like Christmas Day to lure children and parents. However one can also use this trick during Mother’s Day.

Attention grabbing 

The purpose of window dressing is to attract consumer’s attention. Any passer-by will be able to see the types of items you sell at your shop. So it makes sense to showcase what captures their attention. If you can do this effectively, then the chances of making lots of sales are much greater.  Highlight discounts and offers that are available as this will also play a role in attracting the general public to your store.

Colours and Lighting 

The display should be vibrant and bright as possible and for this reason the correct use of lighting and also bright colours is key. This can really make a difference to the sales that you will make. No one wants to pass by a shop only to meet with dark lighting and very boring colours. Make sure therefore your window dressing grabs attention with beautiful colour appeal.

Above all make sure your window dressing design is unique and original. Never use ideas you’ve seen  in competitors windows without modifying them. In the end, your window display should be eye-catching, creative, unique and vibrant.

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