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The Ultimate Guide to Autumn Visual Merchandising

The leaves have changed colour and hot chocolate is now everyone’s favourite drink – autumn is officially here! This colder, cosy season is a big change from summer, and with that your visual merchandising should be changing too. Ditch the beach vibes and sunshine for something a little more snug with tips straight from our visual merchandising consultant.

Where to Find Inspiration?

Generating ideas for new displays in your shop is one of the hardest parts of visual merchandising – especially when you have to change it up so often! This is why every visual merchandiser has a whole heap of places to look for inspiration, taking small ideas from here and there to create a display that’s entirely unique.

To start with, you should definitely be checking out the windows of shops around you and people in the same industry. You want yours to stand out, so do something different and try to avoid using the same colour palette as the surrounding shops. At the same time, these businesses will probably have some great ideas you can use in yours, or an aspect that might inspire you!

You can also check out sites like Pinterest, pick up some visual merchandising books and magazines, or search for autumnal images online to kick things off.

When to switch your display

You don’t want to switch your visual merchandising from summer to autumn too early, but leave it too late and you’ll be left behind. This is why finding that sweet spot between the two is essential. As a rule of thumb, as the kids start going back to school in early September, you should be starting to prep your autumn display. By the end of the month and beginning of October, it should be up and running! You can also start to transition your displays as your autumnal products start arriving in-store, but you don’t have to go all-in at once.

Halloween Themes

Of course, Halloween falls right in the middle of autumn, so should you change up your whole display for a more spooky feel? You don’t have to! Instead, just add a few Halloween touches here and there. You could add spiders and cobwebs into your window display, and pumpkins popping up around your shop. It isn’t hard to make your autumn display a little bit more spooky, and it’s not always worth changing up the whole thing for this short period.

When it comes to your shop, making sure your visual merchandising is up to scratch is essential to your success. Every season, you should be looking to reflect how people feel and capture the vibe of the months ahead – whilst showcasing your products, of course! If you need help with your store displays, why not get in touch with a visual merchandising consultant at VM Design? We’re always ready to help shake up your designs and bring a new lease of life to your business.

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How to Be Successful with Visual Merchandising

Successful visual merchandising involves developing all areas of store presentations in order to promote the brand as well as the product range more effectively. This also means coming up with a wide range of product segmentation, attractive store layouts and the proper use of space, as well as merchandising principles and techniques.

Sometimes, visual merchandising will also include developing promotions during seasonal events in order to stimulate the customer’s shopping behavior as well.

Setting the Mood in Your Windows

Visual merchandising is also about setting the mood in the display windows of your store. The windows of your store are considered as your most valuable merchandise territory. Take advantage of them by using them to set the mood of the event or the sale that your store is currently having. The mood should also match with the attitude that you want your customers to have right after they buy from you – are they feeling excited, happy, etc?

Make Use of the Spotlight

Proper use of lighting is one of the key aspects of visual merchandising. Thus, using the spotlight to highlight your window display is a good idea. Coming up with dramatic lighting does not need to be expensive. Just purchase those spotlights at a hardware store and place them on the most appropriate places in your display window. Remember that your goal is to draw attention to the most important pieces of merchandise.

Keeping up with the Trends

The trends in visual merchandising are also constantly fluctuating. This is also because the retail industry is always changing. The most difficult challenge that retailers have to face is to react to the evolving needs of the customers. The visual elements of a retail store are the key to attracting customers and keeping them to stay loyal to your brand. If you want to be successful in visual merchandising, then you must learn how to keep up with the latest trend in your industry.

If you are looking for a visual merchandiser to help you with your retail window display, please contact us at VM Design.

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The Art and Science of Visual Merchandising

In the modern world, it’s no longer the visual merchandiser who has control over the shopping experience – it’s the consumer. With so much choice of where to go and even how to shop (online, in-store, order in etc.), the customer really does hold the power. Over the past decade or so, shops have had to fight harder to pull in consumers and stay afloat; and not all of them have succeeded.

One way that your business can work to pull in customers, sell products and compete with competitors is through visual merchandising. Much more than just a few pretty displays, the art and science of this crucial selling technique can help turn a business from floundering to flourishing and secure you the profits you’ve been searching for.

Our team of visual merchandising consultants are well-versed on the science behind shop displays, so we thought we’d share some of our knowledge with you.

It’s All About Business

Contrary to popular belief, visual merchandising isn’t just about making a store look good, or even making the products you sell look good. Visual merchandising is about combining a variety of subtle, persuasive techniques that not only make the consumer think they like your products, but always make them need to have them for themselves.

It’s about bringing a customer into a store because they like the look of your jeans and having them leave with a whole outfit. It involves a heap on intricate knowledge about consumer behaviour and your businesses specific target customers, as well as some clever little tricks that every visual merchandiser should know. Here are just a few of the ways people like us can engage and encourage your customers to buy more.


One of the most prominent parts of the science of visual merchandising is product placement. All you have to do is walk into a supermarket and you’ll notice that they place the most expensive products right in the eye-line of customers, rather than at the tops or bottoms of shelves.

This is all about attracting your consumers attention to where you want it to go, rather than where they do. By carefully placing products and displays, you can maximise their effect and dramatically push sales on specific products.


Consumers respond to colour. In fact, between 62%-90% of our judgement of a product, place or person is based entirely upon colour, which just proves how important it is for visual merchandising.

In displays, logos and posters, colours can be used to influence mood and encourage positive reactions from your customers as well.

The Rule of Three

One of the many truly scientific marvels in visual merchandising is the rule of three. Though it seems odd, by arranging items into groups of three you improve the effectiveness of a display and increase the amount of customer attention it’ll receive. It’s a perfect example of where psychology and the function of our mind comes into play in visual merchandising, cementing the idea that there is indeed a fine science behind big profit.

If you think you need to bring in the aid of knowledgeable experts to make sure you’re getting the most out of your visual merchandising and really play to the minds of your target customers, get in touch with our team today. We’re ready and waiting to help your business flourish!

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Retail Display Consultancy

The customer’s shopping experience is impacted by many factors. Shop’s windows, layout, visuals, product and service all influence why we buy.

At VM Design, we work with you to determine what approach will have the greatest impact for your business. We provide different types of visual merchandising services to help your business meet and surpass your customers’ expectations. We will also inspire your teams to deliver consistently attractive looking shopping experience.

Psychology plays a big part in window merchandising so, before we start a design, we plan working out a profile of the target customers.  Needless t say, the target customer profile does vary a lot for different types of shop. We always aim to get five seconds of your potential consumer’s time, so your design and the brand identity has to be spot-on.

At VM Design, our visual merchandising skills will help create

  • outstanding store layouts,
  • the most eye catching shop windows,
  • visual theatre that enhances your potential customers’ buying impulses from the minute they walk past.

This includes designing and creating the best interior layouts and window displays and ensuring the visual style maximises sales.

We also provide training courses to give you the knowledge and skills to carry out the necessary visual merchandising tasks yourself within the retail sector.

Our training can be tailored to cover any specific activity you may wish to cover – from installing a window display and taking it down, to making props from different materials, such as foam and polystyrene. It is fascinating experimenting with different materials to see what works and what does not. It can also be enlightening to step into a visual merchandiser’s shoes and to look at some of the tasks view a different set of spectacles.

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Let us help you maximise your sales

Visual merchandising is all about blending the insight of the functionality and comprehensive look. It should be expressive and capable of communicating to customers about the contemporary styles, fresh products, and discounted products.

Today shopping is all about the experience. With the retail business booming, the importance of visual merchandising is being better appreciated by the companies. As a result, visual merchandising is becoming an integral part of retail business.

Unlike other visual merchandising companies, at VM Design, we create his experience. We ensure that the right ambiance for shopping is created for consumers; anything from the store layout to window displays, lighting and more. We have in-depth understanding of the fashion marketing and what the customers are looking for.

Let us take care of your visual merchandising needs while you focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Contact us on 07956 952157 to discuss your needs.

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Visual Merchandising Specialists Rejuvenating Liskeard in Cornwall

Spent the week in Liskeard in Cornwall with my team helping to rejuvenate 20 shops in the town!

All of the shops (ranging from gifts to menswear, books to carpets, women’s wear to hardware, opticians to wood burning stoves, cycles to stationers, cafés to the local newsagents, all of them were given our attention and the results were amazing with all of the retailers enthusing over the results.

Visual Merchandising Liskeard

We set up two evening workshops with 26 local traders attending across the two evenings. A manual was also produced containing details of the dos and donts of visual merchandising.

BBC Radio Cornwall expressed an interest and a couple of interviews were conducted with myself and one of the leading traders. The BBC also filmed us dressing a window from beginning to end to be included in a forthcoming TV programme.

All in all a very productive week was had by myself and my team. We are leaving on 2nd November to return to Berkshire feeling very satisfied with a job well done’!

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Visual Merchandiser

What does your window display say about your brand?

As a retail business owner, do you understand the importance of visual merchandising but do not have the artistic flair or the time to implement it?

Then perhaps you should consider using the exclusive service provided by a visual merchandiser. At VM Design, we can help you promote your products in order to maximise sales.

Our visual merchandisers can help take the stress of creating window and in-store displays in your retail business. We can take the responsibility for ‘the look’ of your shop.

What visual merchandising services provide…

Our visual merchandisers can use their design skills to promote the image, products and services of your businesses in a variety of ways:

  • carrying out relevant research to get an understanding of what is needed, and coming up with design ideas,
  • sourcing relevant lighting elements, accessories and props,
  • arranging the store lay-out.

We understand the need that visual merchandising work should not

  • distrupt the day-to-day running of the business,
  • or cause health or safety issues with the shopper.

And, with strict guidelines and flexible working approach, our visual merchandisers will ensure these do not become issues for your business.

Our services rendered range from placing of props, mannequins, stacks to concept planning and window designing. Depending upon business needs, we are competitive enough in offering flexible yet customized packages of window dressing to our clients.

In the retail business, there are so many things that take up your time. If you don’t have the time to spend on your retail window or if you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help your business, please contact us.

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