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Importance of visual merchandisers

Nowadays retailers’ need to attract highly talented visual merchandisers is increasing every day in order to stay ahead of the market. Visual merchandisers play a very significant role in the sales and profitability of the retail stores. They provide the creativity and innovation to entice your customer to make purchase your goods and services.

Every progressing technology had considerably changed our shopping habits and behaviours; from the way we interact with our favourite brands to the way we research what to buy. With the internet at their finger tips, today’s shoppers are very savvy about your products, the prices and your competitors. If you don’t give your potential customers the opportunity to get what they want, then they can easily go to one of your local or international competitors.

First impressions are very important on the high street, and you get one chance to make a good first impression on your shoppers. You need to decorate your shop front to attract and lure customers into your store, and your high-street shop needs reflect your brand’s culture. It needs to provide the customer with a unique shopping experience.

Don’t forget there are probably thousands of ecommerce sites and online store ready to steal your business. Make sure that you give your customers something that they can only get in your store. Do remember to personalise their experience. Every customer wants to feel valued, unique and cared for when they enter your high street shop. So give recommendations based on their previous visits where possible. In doing so, not only will you expand your visual merchandising site to a personal shopping experience, but also you will position your brand as a trusted provider. Consumers turn to brands they trust first, those they have had a positive experience with, and over time this becomes a habit. Optimising your visual merchandising will have a positive impact to your brand as well.

If you would like further advice on visual merchandising, or if you would like a bespoke visual merchandising training session, please contact us. Please also check out our visual merchandising portfolio.

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The Benefits of Using Visual Merchandisers

Today, a large number of retail stores are using window displays to attract the attention of shoppers.

If you would like to stand out from the competition and attract more customers to your shop, then it is essential to focus on creating the right effect in your shop windows and at the front of your store. The process of displaying products and services efficiently will significantly increase your sales and this process is known as visual merchandising. This is the most effective and oldest marketing strategy for retailers. There are many benefits associated with this process, but to accomplish the process successful and effectively you will require assistance of professional visual merchandising consultants. There are many benefits of using visual merchandising consultants, such as VM Design. Some of them are listed below.

Creating Urge In Your Customer

VM Design focus on displaying your products and services efficiently so as to stimulate your customers to make a purchase from your store.

Enforcing Company Identity 

Retail shops have their own brand, individuality and unique selling point, which can be reflected well by displaying their products well.

VM Design can create a structured theme that resonates well with your potential customers.

Making a Statement 

There are a wide variety of products that work well with the inclusion of props to create a good window display. VM Design primarily focus on shop window dressing, which is the most efficient method of creating an engaging marketing device, which will therefore attract hundreds of potential eyes and convert them into a sale.

Artistic Expression 

VM Design are well aware of the fact that shop window dressing is an art which is usually utilised as an effective tool to complement the colour scheme and décor of your shop. We ensure that the displays are very striking which will act as a selling tool.

Your shop’s window display is not just a visual component; instead it plays a very crucial role in dictating the shopping experience and spending habits of your customer.

We ensure that your shop window is well planned and executed efficiently to entice the correct target market and this will further increase sales. So, to enjoy all these advantages it is a must to have professional visual merchandising consultants beside you to help you in your endeavor to attract more and more potential customers.

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How Can Your Products Sell Themselves?

Can you imagine what it would be like if your products sold themselves!

Just imagine, the customers walk right into your shop, pick up the products you are selling, pay for it and leave; without you or your sales people having to utter a single word. Even better, would it not be fantastic if they came back again in the future to buy other products.

Well, there may be a way of making your products sell themselves. I can see you scratching your head; thinking “how”? The answer is in the art and science of visual merchandising.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is the activity of promoting the sale of goods and merchandise, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.

Our professionals who carry out the visual merchandising services are called visual merchandisers and our visual merchandising services aim to present the shop environment and the products in an engaging and enticing display to encourage the sale of the products or the services.

At our VM Design visual merchandising company, we even offer services in creating and staging displays beyond the retail stores as well. We branch out into the areas of:

  • fashion shows
  • conventions
  • public events

“This is all good and well but how will the professionals make your products sell themselves?” The following section will discuss some of the techniques our retail visual merchandising experts call upon.

Encouraging the passers-by to enter the shop

An important element in any shop design is the look of the storefront. Our experts will establish, promote, and enhance your store’s visual image.

Remember! when designed successfully, the shop front provides a glimpse of the products available inside. And, it will entice your potential customers into your shop.

Creating an emotional connection between the shopper and the display

Once the shoppers enter the store, there are several approaches we take in order to inspire and identify with the customer:

  1. Arranging the shop layout so that the shopping experience is as comfortable as possible.
  2. The store layout must be logical, and it must allow for easy browsing.
  3. Selling the product by demonstrating and promoting the product.

Think how many times we have seen a video or a sales person introducing and explaining a new product. And, think of how many times we have bought something new that we did not need in the end.

Enhancing the shopping experience

The key here is entertaining the customers and enhancing their shopping experience. We play around with many variables, including:

  • Music
  • Lighting
  • Climate control

Remember, your products could be selling themselves. But you and your products need our expert visual merchandising help to achieve this.

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