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Mother’s Day window dressing ideas

Mother’s Day isn’t just the perfect time to show our mums how much they mean to us, it’s also a great opportunity to change up your window display! Show your brand’s family-side and encourage shoppers to pick up a little something for their mum with these great ideas.

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons!

Around Mother’s Day, it’s not uncommon to see flowers and hearts in every window – but you don’t want common, you want different. This year, switch up the usual props for a whole cascade of balloons, catching the attention of passers simply by being a little different! Fill your window floor with tons of them for a statement, or use a fan to keep them constantly bouncing around for a unique display. Our visual merchandising services team recommend using eco-friendly balloons that are biodegradable for extra branding points – just make sure to add a little notice in the window explaining your choice.

Mother and Children Polaroids

For an interactive display, ask customers to use an in-store photo booth or polaroid camera to take pictures with their mum in the weeks running up to Mother’s Day or nearer the time depending on how many customers you get. Add string to your window and use small pegs to pin up the photos for a cheap, easy display! Customers will love the ‘get involved’ aspect of your display, and you can add a heart-warming slogan to your window along with an explanation of the idea to get more people coming in.

A Message for Mums

Another interactive window, this message for mums’ concept can involve social media or just be in-store. Encourage customers to give a shout out to their mum with a reason for why they think they deserve a special Mother’s Day, and you can pick one to put in your window every day or so. Write the message on a large chalkboard and fill the rest of your display with other props, such as the balloons we mentioned earlier. Again, customers will love getting involved and it’s a great way to attract attention to your store with the ever-changing shout out.

In the run up to Mother’s Day, visual merchandising companies will be putting the ideas they’ve been working on for months into action, drawing in new customers and boosting business profits. Think you might need a little help? Get in touch with VM Design today! Our experts can help you, providing visual merchandising services to make sure your window always stands out.

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How Visual Merchandising Can Help you Compete with Online Shops

As we become more immersed in the digital age, the appeal of ecommerce and online shopping is seemingly on a never-ending increase. Shoppers are trading in Saturday trips to the high-street in favour of browsing the web for all they need – from clothes to food to digital downloads of music and books, everything can be done online. This has been quite a hit to high street shops. Not only are you now competing with the stores around you, but also the endless brands online! To ensure you don’t lose your customers to the convenience of online shopping, you need to remind them of the appeal of actually stepping out to the shops and bring back the value of the experience. A great way to do this is through visual merchandising.

Shop Windows

A shop window is something that online shops don’t have the access to, so use this to your advantage. Make the most of your space, creating eye-catching and engaging displays that will entice your customers in store; customers should be looking forward to seeing your displays, and you should make it part of the appeal of the high-street shopping experience. Advertise products in creative ways and incorporate seasonal or topical designs.

Bring in the Digital

The appeal of digital in regards to shopping is something that can’t be argued and can’t be ignored. A great way to incorporate this modern way of shopping into your store is by using digital signage and displays which will attract the digital junkies. Install screens that show moving advertisements or even a behind the scenes look at your brand – how the products are made, catwalks and anything else that will interest customers.

Connect with Customers

You can also use digital visual merchandising to connect with customers by creating interactive displays. Allow customers to scan QR codes that will link to extra information about a display or your brand, or allow them to take pictures of themselves with your products that can be displayed on screens in your shop window. You can also connect with customers by using friendly, targeted visual merchandising services that will appeal to your target demographic. Creating a connection with customers is essential – it emphasises that high-street shopping is personal and social, unlike online shopping.

Show your Shop’s Personality

Branding has never been more important. A good brand image that differentiates yourself from competition both on the high street and online will help to attract customers to your store. In particular, use visual merchandising to express your values and ideals, for example you might be a family run business or support eco-friendly and ethical causes. Online brands put less focus on what their brand stands for and more on price and product, so this is an opportunity to show customers what you have that your online alternatives don’t.

Use Professional Visual Merchandising Services

Bringing in the help of expert visual merchandising services can give stores a huge boost in terms of enticing customers in store and making more sales. Their experience can help you create displays that will directly draw in your target customers and push aspects of your brand that online stores miss, and visual merchandising training will teach your team how to effectively display products and design displays that will maximise sales.

If your business needs help with standing out from online competition and wants to learn more about how visual merchandising can work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Retail Display Consultancy

The customer’s shopping experience is impacted by many factors. Shop’s windows, layout, visuals, product and service all influence why we buy.

At VM Design, we work with you to determine what approach will have the greatest impact for your business. We provide different types of visual merchandising services to help your business meet and surpass your customers’ expectations. We will also inspire your teams to deliver consistently attractive looking shopping experience.

Psychology plays a big part in window merchandising so, before we start a design, we plan working out a profile of the target customers.  Needless t say, the target customer profile does vary a lot for different types of shop. We always aim to get five seconds of your potential consumer’s time, so your design and the brand identity has to be spot-on.

At VM Design, our visual merchandising skills will help create

  • outstanding store layouts,
  • the most eye catching shop windows,
  • visual theatre that enhances your potential customers’ buying impulses from the minute they walk past.

This includes designing and creating the best interior layouts and window displays and ensuring the visual style maximises sales.

We also provide training courses to give you the knowledge and skills to carry out the necessary visual merchandising tasks yourself within the retail sector.

Our training can be tailored to cover any specific activity you may wish to cover – from installing a window display and taking it down, to making props from different materials, such as foam and polystyrene. It is fascinating experimenting with different materials to see what works and what does not. It can also be enlightening to step into a visual merchandiser’s shoes and to look at some of the tasks view a different set of spectacles.

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