Visual Merchandising and In-Store Best Practices

Creating a shop that encourages customers to buy your products is essential to running a successful business. It’s about more than showing them what they need, it’s convincing them they want more. Shoppers these days are far more likely to impulse buy whilst in-store, and you need your visual merchandising to encourage them so you don’t miss out.

Our visual merchandising consultants have collected some tips for you.

Create an Experience

These days, it’s easy for consumers to do all their shopping online, so the reason they leave their house and actually go to your shop is usually based on the experience. People like to shop! It’s these shoppers that love the experience that are more likely to impulse buy, so make sure you cater for them.

Encourage interaction with products, particularly on end-cap displays or products near the tills. Provide samples, visual merchandising that’s persuasive and enticing as well as sales assistants who can give your customers the help and advice they need to buy more.

Feeling good whilst physically shopping is something your shop should be using to its advantage, so create a great experience and watch your profits soar.

End-Cap Priorities

End-caps have already been mentioned, but they’re an essential part of visual merchandising, as are stands by the tills. These encourage impulse bays and grab the attention of consumers.

To help your end-caps stand out, always ensure there’s plenty of stock on the shelves, signage to explain the product for sale and why the customer should buy it, along with any promotional offers, and put the most vital promotion in the middle region of the display. For example, if the end-cap product has testers, place these around waist to shoulder height for optimum interaction.

Speak with Signs

When sales assistants aren’t available, your signage is going to have to do all the persuading for them. This is why it’s so important to get it right. Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Directional – Give customers information about where to find products with clear, easy to read signs. These can be used above shop aisles to show customer’s what’s down them or used at different points to direct them to sales or related items they may need.
  • Promotional – When you have promotions in store, make sure you have plenty of signage that’s placed at eye-level and is designed to catch the attention of consumers.
  • Informational – This kind of signage can be used to explain products as well as show off your branding, creating connections with consumers and showing them why they should buy your products.

With all signage around your shop, be sure to keep the design and tone of voice in keeping with your branding and use bold, large fonts that are easy to read from a distance.

Visual merchandising is crucial to encouraging sales and driving profits, so you need to be sure you’re getting it 100% right or you could be missing out on a whole lot of sales! If you are looking for a visual merchandising company to help, get in touch with our experienced team at VM Design.