Visual Merchandising Tips and Ideas

In the current financial pressures, each shop needs to differentiate itself from the other by


Visual merchandising is the art of implementing effective design ideas in order to increase traffic into the shop and sales volume. This is why visual impact is becoming one of the most important issues for small businesses. It helps the businesses present their products and/or services at their best. It also helps attract new customers as well as retaining existing ones.


While creating a high impact visual merchandising design, the following tips will guide you in the right direction:

  1. present a strong clear message; avoid clutter and confusion
  2. stand out from the others and grab the passer-by's attention
  3. always try to innovate and push the boundaries of what one can achieve in the space
  4. good lighting is key to drawing your customers in. In the right hands, lighting can make merchandise glow and bring its colours to life
  5. always consider using mannequins; they will help present your products in the best way possible; group mannequins in ways that create dramatic tension - think of them as characters on stage


Like any other aspect of retailing, creating an attractive display takes a little skill and lots of trial and error. As your shop and your products change, so will your opportunities for visual displays. Keep working at designing eye-catching and innovative ways to make your retail store profitable through visual merchandising.